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The Albania Travel Company With A Difference

With so many Albania travel companies to choose from, picking the right one can be tricky. We take you to places other tour operators simply can’t reach – and in our own unique, informal style.

Not Your Usual Albania Travel Company


The Drive Albania story began in 2012, when company owner Ed Reeves travelled to Albania with his mother to write a story for the UK Sunday Telegraph newspaper (Old Lady Reeves had visited Albania twice under Communism when it was a European North Korea; read the story here). Ed was intrigued by Albania, and came back later in the year in his Toyota Rav4, thinking it would be tough enough to get him into the mountains. It wasn’t.

One thing led to another, and in a bad case of mission creep Ed found himself setting up his own Albania travel company, Drive Albania, in 2014 – at first from the UK, and from 2015 with a Tirana office, too.

The idea behind Drive Albania was to show foreign travellers the less-visited regions – which usually require a good 4×4 to reach, due to the often catastrophic state of Albanian mountain roads. In Ed’s view that the towns and cities offered by the typical Albania travel company, such as Durrës, Saranda, Pogradec and Vlorë, were best driven through as quickly as possible. The most rewarding experiences were to be found in the smaller towns and remote villages. The same is true five years on. 

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