We usually only offer Albania 4x4 hire as part of complete self-drive tour packages, paid via our UK company. However, we sometimes make exceptions and hire our 4x4s out direct. Either way, please read our terms and conditions carefully. 


Drive Albania 4x4 Hire Terms & Conditions – In Brief

Minimum driver age: 24.

All drivers must have held a valid driver’s licence for a minimum period of 36 months.

A cash damage deposit of €250 payable to the representative of DRIVE ALBANIA / DTB TRAVEL who hands over the 4x4.


Drive Albania 4x4 Hire Terms & Conditions – The Small Print

Please be advised if you do not adhere to the Terms & Conditions regarding Driver Age, Payment, Driving Licences & history, Identification Required and Rental Payment Terms when collecting your 4x4 vehicle our Cancellation Policy will be enforced. Should you be unable to fulfil the stated ID Requirements please contact our Tirana office to discuss options prior to making a booking.

Some DRIVE ALBANIA / DTB TRAVEL 4x4 vehicles are fitted with tow bars. However, use of these tow bars is strictly prohibited when renting a vehicle and will render insurance cover invalid.

Please note all payments/charges/refunds are processed in euro (€). DRIVE ALBANIA / DTB TRAVEL cannot be held responsible for fluctuations in exchange rates or for losses which may arise due to changes in currency exchange rates.


If you cancel your pre-paid reservation within 24 hours of placing the booking DRIVE ALBANIA / DTB TRAVEL will issue a full refund, minus bank and transfer costs.

If you cancel your reservation more than 24 hours from time of making the booking no refund will be made.

All bookings cancelled less than six weeks from the pick up date and time are non refundable. No cancellations can be made after the rental start date & time.

Please note if appropriate ID, the necessary payment/deposit is not produced at time of pick up or the Terms and Conditions are not adhered to in any way, and the rental cannot proceed, no refund will be made.

Vehicles Images

Vehicle images are examples only. Specific models cannot be guaranteed.


Rates include insurance (subject to the damage liability of the vehicle), VAT & breakdown cover. Mileage is unlimited on hires of 1-21 days. Hires of 22 days and over (including hires of 1-21 days which extend) will be limited to 2,000 free KM per 21 day period or part thereof. Excess mileage will be charged at 20 cents per KM.

Driver Age

All drivers must be aged 24 or over.

Fuel Policy

All our 4x4 vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel at the start of the hire. Customers must return the vehicle full at the end of the rental.


Payment is required by bank transfer to our euro account. We ask for a 20% deposit to confirm the booking and the balance in full six weeks before the hire period starts.

International Hires

• Our 4x4 vehicles may be taken outside Albania to the following countries only:

Kosovo (but not the ethnic Serbian areas to the north)



• By special arrangement it is possible to take our 4x4 vehicles to:

Bosnia & Herzegovina




• It is strictly prohibited to take a 4x4 vehicle to Serbia, or the ethnic Serbian areas to the north of Kosovo.

• The rental price quoted for taking a 4x4 vehicle outside Albania includes the provision of any vehicle documentation legally required.

Excess waiver products are not available on rentals during which the 4x4 vehicle is driven outside Albania.

Driving Licences & History

Anyone who will be driving the 4x4 vehicle must present a valid driving licence with their current address, in person, at the time of collection. No copies of licences will be accepted. We cannot accept an expired photocard.

Drivers must have held a full driving licence for at least 36 months. Licence endorsements up to 9 points are accepted. If the driver has been banned from driving for a DD, DR or UT offence, or has been disqualified for 12 months or more, we will only rent 5 years or more after the return of the licence.

Identification required. If you cannot fulfil the stated ID requirements please contact DRIVE ALBANIA / DTB TRAVEL prior to booking to discuss options.

When collecting the 4x4 vehicle, the Lead Driver must present

• A valid driving licence. Official photo ID must be valid, we cannot accept expired official photo ID.

• If the licence does not show current home address, a valid passport or national identity card must be presented.

• A credit or debit card in their own name (see section on Rental Payment terms for further details).

• Additional drivers must present a valid driving licence – we cannot accept an expired photocard – plus passport or national identity card if licence does not show current home address.

• Please contact DRIVE ALBANIA / DTB TRAVEL prior to hiring if you have any questions regarding identification required.

Rental Payment Terms

When you book you accept the conditions set out below:

DRIVE ALBANIA / DTB TRAVEL will do its best to have the 4x4 vehicle which is the subject of a confirmed reservation available on the day and at the time you have requested. If you decide to cancel your reservation or do not arrive to collect your reserved 4x4 vehicle on the day and at the time you have reserved it, charges may be made and these are explained in these Rental terms.

Please read this carefully. If there is anything you do not understand or do not agree with, please contact DRIVE ALBANIA / DTB TRAVEL.

Your initial rental charges are paid for at the time of booking. We ask for a non refundable deposit of 20% of the hire costs and the balance six weeks before the pick-up date and time.

You will not be required to make the excess deposit payment or pay for any possible additional rental costs until you collect your vehicle.

We ask for a damage deposit of €250 cash when you collect your 4x4 vehicle. This will be returned at the end of the hire period, subject to any damages.

If you wish to return the 4x4 vehicle after the time originally specified, you should contact DRIVE ALBANIA / DTB TRAVEL to agree this. You will be charged for every day or part-day you have the 4x4 vehicle after the original agreed date and time at the rate specified on the rental agreement when you collect the vehicle.

Rental period

You will have the 4x4 vehicle for the rental period shown in your Reservation Confirmation. If you do not bring the vehicle back on time, or if you do not contact us and get our agreement to an extension of your rental, you are breaking the conditions of this agreement. We can charge you for every day or part-day you have the vehicle after you should have returned it to us. Until we get the vehicle back we will charge you the daily rate specified on the rental agreement when you collect the vehicle.

Rental Agreement

1 Your contract with us 

Please read this agreement carefully. If there is anything you do not understand, ask a member of staff to explain it.

When you sign our rental agreement, you accept the conditions set out in this rental agreement.

2 Rental period

You will have use of the 4x4 vehicle for the period shown in the agreement. We may agree to extend this rental period, but the total rental duration will not be for more than 30 days.

If you do not bring back the vehicle at the time and date specified in your rental agreement, you will be in breach of a condition of this agreement. We can charge you for every day or part of the day you have the vehicle after you should have returned it to us. We will charge you a daily or hourly rate (which will be shown at the place you have rented the vehicle from) until we get our vehicle back.

If you do not keep to the conditions of our agreement, we can ask you to bring back the vehicle before the date and time we have agreed with you. To do this we will give you written notice in person or send it to an address you have given on our rental agreement, including an email address, or via text message to your mobile phone, if provided. Once we have given you the notice in person, you will no longer have our permission to have the vehicle. If we send the notice via email or SMS, you will no longer have our permission to have the vehicle. We may then take back our vehicle. If we believe you have given us false information which was material to the decision to rent the vehicle to you, we may take back the vehicle without giving you any notice. You will be required to arrange collection of the vehicle in these instances.

3 Your responsibilities 

a) You must inspect the 4x4 vehicle and any accessories, such as a satellite navigation system, we provide before you take the vehicle. If you are not satisfied with the vehicle or any accessories or if you do not think the condition of the vehicle meets our pre-rental inspection report, you must notify DRIVE ALBANIA / DTB TRAVEL within 2 working hours. In the absence of such notice, it shall be deemed that you received the vehicle and any accessories in perfect working order.

b) You must take care of the 4x4 vehicle, any accessories and the keys or other locking device (including any apps which can be used with the vehicles) for the vehicle. You agree to return the vehicle in the same condition in which you received it. You must always lock the vehicle when you are not using it, and use any security device which is fitted or supplied with the vehicle. You must always use your best endeavours to protect the vehicle against adverse weather conditions which could cause damage to the vehicle. You must make sure that you use the correct fuel and fluids in the vehicle.

c) Depending on section 8 of this agreement (“Our motor insurance and damage protection programme”), you are responsible for any damage to the 4x4 vehicle. You must pay our reasonable costs for bringing the vehicle back to the condition stated in the pre-rental inspection report. This could include the cost of any damage inside and outside the vehicle, cleaning costs if the vehicle is very dirty, and replacement or repair of any items or accessories provided to you.

d) You must not sell, rent or dispose of the vehicle, any of its parts or accessories. You must not give or try to give anyone the legal rights to the vehicle or transfer legal ownership.

e) You must not let anyone work on the vehicle without our written permission. If we do give permission we will only give you a refund if you have a receipt for the work we have given you permission for.

f) You must let us know as soon as you become aware of any defect with the vehicle, or if the vehicle is stolen or involved in an accident or broken down. Failure to notify may result in you breaking this agreement and liable to paying costs we incur.

g) If we have agreed to drop off the vehicle at an address you have given us, you will be responsible for the vehicle from the time we drop it off at this address.

h) Unless we have agreed to collect the 4x4 vehicle from you, you must return the vehicle to the location or rental branch we agreed. You must return it during the published opening hours or at a time and place we tell you. When you return the vehicle, our staff must check its condition. If we have agreed to allow you to return the vehicle outside of our opening hours, you will stay responsible for the vehicle and its condition until our staff have checked it at the earliest opportunity the following day. We may need to clean the vehicle before our staff can check its condition.

i) You must not carry any object or substance which, because of its condition or smell, may harm the vehicle or delay us renting or selling it.

4 Our responsibilities 

a) We will identify and tell you about any existing damage to the 4x4 vehicle before you sign this agreement.

b) The 4x4 vehicle you have hired may be fitted with a tracking device, which may be used to ensure safe and compliant operation of the vehicle in line with the terms of this agreement. If the vehicle is not returned on the agreed date, time and place we may use the data recorded on the device to recover our vehicle. All data will be deleted once the rental agreement is ended

c) We have maintained the 4x4 vehicle to at least the manufacturer’s recommended standard. The vehicle is roadworthy and suitable for you to use at the start of the rental period.

d) We are responsible if someone is injured or dies as a result of our action or failure to act. We are also responsible for any loss you suffer as a result of us breaking this agreement, if we could have predicted your loss at the time this agreement started and it is a result of us breaking this agreement. We are not responsible for any indirect losses which occur as a side effect of the main loss and which we or you could not have predicted, such as loss of profits or loss of opportunity (for example not being able to go to a business meeting or catching a flight).

5 Property 

We are only responsible for loss or damage to property in the 4x4 vehicle if the loss or damage is a result of our neglect or if we have broken this agreement. You are responsible for removing your personal belongings, including your data, from the vehicle at the end of the rental period, as we are not responsible for any items/data you leave in the vehicle. If you do leave items in the vehicle, we may agree to keep them for you to collect within a reasonable time. We may charge you reasonable costs for storing the items.

6 Conditions for Using the Vehicle

a) Only you, any driver named on the rental agreement, and anyone we have given written permission to, can drive the 4x4 vehicle. Anyone driving the vehicle must have a full driving licence which is valid in the European Economic Area for the type of vehicle you are renting.

b) You must not rent the 4x4 vehicle to anyone else. You must also not use the vehicle or let someone else use it:

i. for any illegal purposes or in a way which would cause nuisance;

ii. to carry passengers for a fee (except for minibuses which you have a valid operator’s licence for);

iii. for driving lessons;

iv. to tow or push any vehicle, trailer or other object, without our written permission;

v. for racing, pacemaking, or to test the vehicle’s reliability, performance or speed;

vi. on roads unsuitable for the vehicle;

vii. if you or the driver has been drinking alcohol or taking drugs that would result in the vehicle being operated illegally;

viii. outside Albania, unless we have given you written permission;

ix. if it is loaded beyond the manufacturer’s maximum weight recommendations;

x. to carry unsecured loads;

xi. to carry more passengers than the vehicle was manufactured to legally carry; or

xii. to operate a goods vehicle or minibus without a valid operator’s licence when required to do so.

7 Charges

We work out our charges using our current price list, which includes VAT (see the rental agreement).

You will be responsible for paying the following charges:-

a) The rental and any other charges we work out according to this agreement.

b) Any charge for loss or damage resulting from non-compliance, as set out in section 3 and 6 (above), including, where applicable, an administration fee to reflect reasonable administration costs which arise in dealing with these matters.

c) A refuelling service charge if you did not return the vehicle back to us with the agreed amount of fuel. The charge will be based upon the rates contained within this agreement.

d) All charges, including legal and administrative costs for any road-traffic offence or parking (local authority or private), congestion or toll charges, or any other offence or charges involving the rental vehicle, including costs from the vehicle being clamped, seized or towed away. You are responsible for paying the appropriate authority or company for any charges and costs if and when they ask you or us for these payments. You will also be responsible for paying our reasonable administration charges for dealing with these matters. However, where it is not reasonably practicable to transfer liability for any such fine or charge, we may use our discretion to settle the fine or charge with the appropriate authority and re-charge you such amount together with an administration charge to reflect our reasonable administration costs. Should you wish to appeal, contest or dispute any such fine or charge we shall pass all relevant information to you and you must liaise directly with the appropriate authority or company to obtain any refund, where this is possible.

e) The reasonable cost of repairing any damage to the vehicle which was not noted at the start of the agreement, whether you were at fault or not (depending on section 4). You will also be responsible for paying the reasonable cost of replacing the vehicle if it is stolen or written off, depending on any insurance or cover you have (as set out in section 8 below), if and when we demand this payment. You will also be responsible for paying our reasonable administration charges for dealing with this matter. Should we consider damage to the rental vehicle to be caused by your gross negligence, serious carelessness, or deliberate misuse, then we reserve the right to recharge the full cost of repairs regardless of the cover that has been taken out, e.g. driving the vehicle illegally, fuel contamination or driving through a flood. Any call out for a customer induced fault, (e.g. losing the key to the vehicle or changing a punctured tyre) could lead to additional charges being applied to the rental agreement.

f) A loss-of-income charge, when we demand it, if we cannot rent out the vehicle because it needs to be repaired, if it is a write-off (it cannot be repaired), or if it has been stolen and we are waiting to receive a full payment of the vehicle’s value.

g) We will only charge you for loss of income if we cannot get back our losses under the damage protection programme, as explained in section 8. We will charge you at the published daily or hourly rate, and we will never charge you for more than 30 days rental charges. In addition, we will also make suitable deductions for any costs which we have avoided during the period that the vehicle cannot be rented, up to a maximum of 30 days. We will always do everything we can to make sure we repair the vehicle or get back our costs as soon as possible.

h) Any recovery charges arising from the police, or any other government organisation or their agents, who have seized our vehicle while on hire to you. You will also have to pay us a loss-of-income charge while we cannot rent out the vehicle.

i) Any published rates for delivering and collecting the vehicle, a charge for an extra driver or returning the vehicle late, and charges for accessories such as child car seats, satellite navigation systems and other similar items.

j) Interest, which we will add every day to any amount you do not pay us on time, at the rate of 4% a year above the base lending rate as published by Raiffeisen Bank Albania.

k) You are responsible for any loss or damage to additional equipment hired at time of rental including but not limited to satellite navigation equipment, baby seats etc.

l) We will work out all charges in line with this agreement, and they will include VAT (if this applies).

You are responsible for all charges, even if you have asked someone else to be responsible for them.

8 Our motor insurance and damage protection programme 

You can get full details of our damage protection programme from the office you rented the vehicle from, or from our website.

If we arrange separate motor insurance, we will give you information on the motor insurance cover and any restrictions which may apply. Otherwise, the conditions of our motor insurance and damage protection programme will apply. By putting your initials in the appropriate box on the rental agreement, you are confirming that you have read the conditions of our motor insurance and damage protection programme and accept the conditions.

The following are not covered by the vehicle’s insurance and you will be responsible for the full cost of repair:

I. Roof damage caused as a result of hitting any overhead object.

II. All damage sustained to our vehicle as a result of allowing anybody that is not authorised under the rental agreement to drive the vehicle.

III. The full cost of any rectification charges as a result of carrying out repairs to our vehicle without prior written permission.

IV. The full cost of the vehicle if you fail to report its theft to the police and ourselves as soon as you become aware that it has been taken.

V. All costs incurred as a result of failing to comply with Section 6 of this agreement.

VI. Any damage caused to the vehicle by deliberate misuse or gross negligence, including, but not limited to the tyres, brakes, underside of the vehicle, clutch and miss-fuelling

The responsibility amount you have to pay in each case is shown on the rental agreement.

10 What to do if you have an accident or the vehicle is stolen 

If you are involved in an accident, you must not admit that you are responsible. You should describe the situation as fully as possible when you are asked to do so by the police and the rental company. You should get the names and addresses of everyone involved, including witnesses. You should also:

• make sure the vehicle is secure;

• tell the police straight away if anyone is injured or if there is a disagreement over who is responsible; and

• contact us straight away.

You must then fill in our accident report form and send it to our address shown on the rental agreement.

If the vehicle has been stolen, you must tell us as soon as possible and confirm this in writing as soon as reasonably possible. You or any authorised drivers will also need to:

• get the names and addresses of any witnesses and give them to us;

• send us any notices or other documents relating to any legal proceedings arising out of the theft or loss;

• help us and our insurers in any legal proceedings, including allowing us to take legal action in your name and defending any legal action taken against you; and

• give us back all keys and report the theft or loss to the police as soon as reasonably possible.

10 Data Protection

By entering into this rental agreement you agree that we can process and store your personal information in connection with this agreement including data collected from the vehicle. We may use your information to analyse statistics, for market research, credit control and to protect our assets.

You agree that if you break the terms of this agreement we can pass your personal information to credit-reference agencies, debt collectors, the police or any other relevant organisation.

11 The Law 

We aim to deal with all disagreements fairly and calml. This agreement is governed by the laws of Albania. Any disagreement may be settled in the courts of Albania. This agreement contains all the conditions which we have agreed and replaces any written or verbal agreements we have with you.