Albania Film Fixers

We have the knowledge, people and vehicles to help film production crews find locations and realise even the most challenging shoots

I would highly recommend that Ed and his team at Drive Albania be considered for film fixer work in Albania. We really struggled to find people capable of both editorial and logistical support when setting up our shoot in the country and as a result had worked with a number of independent journalists. Although journalists helped us source stories, it was still difficult to organise a shoot without someone who could help organise and oversee logistics as well. Ed and his team were great to work with and provided us with everything we needed transport wise. Beyond that Ardi (who accompanied us on our recce and then on the shoot) has lots of local knowledge, was a great translator, was good with contributors and provided us with story suggestions. Ed has a journalistic background which was evident in the stories he suggested we pursue. It was only a shame that we didn’t meet Ed and his colleagues sooner, as we could have used their assistance earlier on in the shoot prep, and they were very helpful on location. I would highly recommend contacting them for shoots in Albania.

Sophia Lightfoot, Producer, BBC2’s The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan

Drive Albania helped us prepare a grand, exciting and authentic road trip for Geraldine Kemper and our film crew through the western Balkans. They provided a great car, the greatest (!) driver, Ardi, and a lot of very handy information on the region.

It was through their local expertise in Kosovo and Albania that we were able to see what the region really has to offer, and visit places you normally won’t be able to go. Very off the beaten track, cultural engaging and personal. I would highly recommend anyone needing film fixers or production support in Albania and Kosovo to give Ed Reeves from Drive Albania a call!

Daan Kuipers, Producer, BNV’s 3 Op Reis

Drive Albania made our BBC documentary possible – end of story. Without them and their local knowledge both around the city as well as in the countryside, we would not have been able to make the film we did. It’s a beautiful country but has some pretty harsh landscapes (especially during the winter) and Drive Albania had our backs at all times. Good reliable vehicles, prompt and efficient service as well as brilliant guides and drivers. It’s always good credit to a company if you remain friends with those you have collaborated with, and Drive Albania are now our friends.

Chris Cottam, Director, BBC2’s The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan 

Working with Nick as a fixer in Albania was very helpful and he became an indispensable member of the crew during the filming process. I had the feeling from the first moment we were a team, working together with the same goal, always motivated and hardworking. He understood perfectly the needs of the project and he was truly involved and dedicated. He wanted the film project to succeed, so he always tried to find the best contacts and get the best of everything. It was a pleasure to work with a professional like him. Looking forward to working with him again!

Roser Corella, Director, The Prisoners of Kanun  

Nick was my fixer in summer 2018 on my first foreign photography project. Nick knows the right people to make your project a success, and is a great interpreter and driver. 

Leander Varekamp, Photographer 

Our Vehicles

If you’re planning a location shoot in Albania, you won’t get very far without 4×4 vehicles and experienced drivers. We have a small fleet of brand-new Lada Niva 4x4s and two 2018 model UAZ Buhanka minivans. These incredible machines seat up to eight passengers and will get your production crew to even the most remote regions. If you require them as prop vehicles for historical shoots, we can easily give them a Communist-era military vinyl wrap.  

We also have access to an immaculate Land Rover Discovery 3, which remarkably is still on air suspension. The Discovery 3 is a famously good film car, not just due to its silky-smooth air-cushioned ride but also due to its horizontal split tailgate, which allows unimpeded filming from the rear.

The Team

Ed Reeves

Ed is a British national with a background in print journalism. Before moving to Tirana to start Drive Albania, he was a long-term staffer at Condé Nast Publications in London, freelanced for titles including Wall Street Journal Europe, The Observer, Esquire and Men’s Health, and also had stints at the London food and drink title Square Meal, and Ford Motor Company’s pan-European customer magazine, which he edited longer ago than he cares to remember. Ed is your first point of contact if you’re looking for film fixer support in Albania. 

Besnik Musaj

Besnik – or Nick – has had a colourful life, including competing for Albania in road cycling at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. He’s lived and worked in both the US and Germany, and returned to Albania in 2015 to work on various foreign enterprise projects, mostly helping NGOs cut their way through tangles of Balkan red tape. He’s worked on several TV productions, including British actress and celebrity Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure for ITV. Nick’s a keen treasure-hunter, and in his down-time drives his 4×4 to remote areas of Albania in the hope of finding ancient hordes of gold – so far without much success! Nick speaks English, German and Albanian. 

Ardi Zhugjeli 

Ardi has worked for Drive Albania since its inception in 2014, and during that time has travelled extensively across Albania and the western Balkans. He’s worked on two film shoots for us, providing support for BNV’s 3 Op Reis travel show, and the BBC’s Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan (and he made it onto screen in both shows, much to his mother’s delight). Ardi has been trained to drive off road by an accredited British Off Road Driving Association instructor, is a qualified life guard and has advanced medical training. He also speaks fluent English, German, Albanian and Serbo-Croat, so is a useful guy to have around.   

Henri Manushi

Henri knows every back road in Albania, seemingly. Not just due to his work running 4×4 tours for Drive Albania, but also through his participation in the Rally Albania off-road racing competition (he and his driving partner were overall 2017 champions, and won the gruelling 2018 Tirana 24 Hours event). Henri was a support driver on the BBC’s Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, so has experience of working with film crews. Henri speaks fluent English, Italian and Albanian.

Vincent Triest

Vincent is a Dutch-Albanian journalist who is frequently cited in Dutch media as an expert on Albanian issues. Until 2017 he was the Albania correspondent for ABC News (it closed its operations here in that year), and has had stories published in Newsweek, HuffPo and other international titles. He’s the ideal man to help with more political filming requirements, such as gaining access to hard-to-pin-down Albanian politicians. Vincent speaks fluent English, Dutch and Albanian. 

Albania Film Permits & Permissions

Getting the correct permits and permissions to film in Albania can be a mind-twisting job. The concept of needing permission to film is a new one here, but as the country becomes more regular, more paperwork inevitably follows. 

We can find out from the relevant Albanian ministry whether or not an official filming permit is required for filming, and if it is we can source it.  

Albania Drone Filming

Filming with drones is a fine art, but luckily there are some excellent drone film-makers here in Albania. We know the best and most professional drone operators – who even give good tax receipts!  

Albanian Film Locations

Albania may be small but it has a huge variety of different landscapes and film location opportunities. From the epic mountain landscapes of the north to huge lagoon eco-systems along the coast. From derelict Communist infrastructure to picture-perfect beaches. From traditional stone villages seemingly untouched in centuries to hyper-modern bars and restaurants.

We travel all over Albania, all the time. Whatever your location needs, we’re confident we can find something suitable.