Albania Guided Tours With a Difference

Our unique Albania guided tours are designed to take you away from the over-developed and charmless cities often included in standard group tour itineraries, such as Durrës, Vlorë, Saranda and Pogradec. Instead we mix things up to include the key cultural destinations in the region, along with less-visited rural areas and small towns.

Cultural Tours

We realise that not everyone appreciates being bumped around on a dirt track, so our guided cultural tours are designed to stick to asphalt roads while at the same time keeping our usual fun and informal vibe. We keep group size down to 12 to allow us to use minivans rather than buses, which allows us to take the smaller rural roads and visit more off-beat places along the way. These tours are aimed at relaxed, sociable travellers, who enjoy good food (and wine), and don’t appreciate being shepherded from place to place. Accommodation is in 3* hotels, always en suite.      

Guided 4×4 Tours

We started life as a specialist in off-road tours, and our guided 4×4 tours are aimed at travellers who enjoy an adventure – and driving. We use our own Lada Niva 4x4s, which are suitable for couples or two friends, though if you want to come along but don’t want to drive there are three seats available in the tour leader’s car. We stay in a mixture of B&Bs and village guesthouses, and en suite accommodation is not always available. 

South Albania Cultural Tour

Our unique South Albania Cultural Tour take you on a loop from Tirana, and includes a night in Ohrid, North Macedonia.

North Albania & Kosovo Cultural Tour

This tour takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery in the Balkan region, and includes two nights in Kosovo, in the historic Ottoman cities of Prizren and Gjakova. 

North & South Albania Cultural Tour

Combine our North and South itineraries to create a comprehensive tour including nights in Montenegro, Kosovo and North Macedonia.

South Albania 4x4 Tour

Our classic South Albania guided tour by 4×4, aimed at keen drivers. We’ll travel in convoy through the Albanian mountains – expect epic scenery and a few challenges along the way.