Albania Self Drive Tours 2019

We can provide brand-new Lada Niva 4x4s for Albania self drive tours, or modern road cars if you value comfort over adventure!

Only a fool would rush through Albania. This mountainous little country is tricky to get around, and could have been designed for slow travel. By far the best way to discover it is by a leisurely self-drive tour. With your own vehicle, preferably a 4x4, you’ll be able to get well off the beaten track and take the road less travelled as you meander from place to place.

We specialise in designing tailor-made road trips through Albania and the western Balkans, and have created numerous self-drive tours incorporating multiple countries, running as far south as Thessaloniki, as far north as Zagreb, and as far east as Sofia (we’re based in Tirana, so if you go more than a few kilometres west you’ll end up in the Adriatic). We’ve even designed Balkan road trips for TV shows, including a five-part series exploring Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania for Holland’s 3 Op Reis, presented by Geraldine Kemper (watch the finalé, at Albania’s beautiful Cape Rodonit, here).

Our 2019 Vehicles

We have a small number of brand-new three-door Lada Niva 4x4s (1.7-litre petrol / benzine), fitted with air-conditioning and stereos with USB connection. These iconic little cars are permanent four-wheel drive, with low range gearbox and diff lock. They go quite literally anywhere and are ideal for Albanian road conditions. Due to their small size, we recommend them for couples looking for an adventurous self-drive experience – there is very little leg room in the rear!

We also have one brand-new 5-door Lada Niva 4x4, again with AC and stereo, and also a suspension lift and mud tyres. There is plenty of space in the rear, so it’s ideal for a family of four, or four friends who want to get well off the beaten track.

Extreme Off Road 

If you’re able to demonstrate previous experience of driving off road, we’re happy to supply more hardcore vehicles than our Ladas. Get in touch to find out more.

Road Cars

We recognise that not everyone wants to be bumped around on a dirt track in a Lada Niva, so if you’re looking for a more civilised self-drive tour sticking to good asphalt roads please get in touch letting us know how many of you will be travelling. We’ll be able to supply a good road car, up to 8+1 in capacity (for more passengers you’ll need a special licence).

Route Planning & Accommodation Booking – From €20 Per Day

In high season (July and August), we strongly recommend you plan a route and book accommodation in advance. For most of the Balkans, you can do this independently, but if you’re including Albania we suggest recommend you let us take care of things. There is very little reliable information, hotels don’t honour bookings (even made on and roads that look fine on Google Maps can be extremely dangerous and even impassable in reality. For an example, check out this clip of our own Henri Manushi driving a mapped road to Berat, in heavy rain.

We offer route-planning with printed PDF road books, accommodation booking, 24-hour WhatsApp support for an extra €20 per day on top of the car hire fee (even if you don’t hire a vehicle through us). Unfortunately we can’t offer a full service to include accommodation as Balkan hotels and guesthouses are a long way behind western Europe in terms of professionalism, and paying by transfer is rarely possible (and getting a receipt often completely impossible). Instead we ask you to pay by cash or, if you’re lucky card, as you go.

With your route planned for you, you can be assured you’re taking the most beautiful roads and tracks, and including secret spots that aren’t in any guide books. You’ll also be avoiding the “usual suspects” – dreadful towns and cities that for some reason the guide books still push (yes, Durrës, we’re talking about you).

Camping Equipment – From €10 Per Day

If you want to get really wild in your Lada Niva 4x4, we recommend you incorporate a few nights wild camping into your Albania self-drive tour. We have good quality tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and cooking kit available to hire, at €10 per day for two people.

Lada Niva 4x4 Hire 2019 Prices

2019 Lada Niva Hire Prices 


Until 31 March

Day Rates 

(Minimum hire period 04 days) 

04-07 days at €60  

08-14 days at €55  

15-21 days at €45   

22–31 days at €35   

Spring & Early Summer 

01 April – 30 June 

Day Rates 

(Minimum hire period 04 days) 

04-07 days at €75   

08-14 days at €65  

15-21 days at €55   

22–31 days at €45

High Summer  

01 July – 31 August 

Day Rates 

(Minimum hire period 08 days)  

08-14 days at €75  

15-21 days at €65   

22–31 days at €55


01 September – 31 October 

Day Rates 

(Minimum hire period 04 days) 

04-07 days at €75   

08-14 days at €65  

15-21 days at €55   

22–31 days at €45


Drive Albania Balkan Self Drive Tours Terms & Conditions 2019

You can read our full terms & conditions here (please scroll down to section 22). Booking is made through our UK company, Drive The Balkans Ltd, with payment by credit card or bank transfer to our Protected Trust Services account, to comply with the 2018 EU Package Travel Directive. We ask for a deposit of 20% to secure your booking, with the balance paid six weeks before your tour begins.

Please be aware, we also require a cash damage deposit of €250 when we hand over the car.