Albania Walking Holidays 2019

Join us on one of our unique Albania walking holidays, from the Accursed Mountains to Kurvelesh

The past few years has seen an explosion of interest in Albania as a walking destination – and no wonder. Once you’re away from Tirana and the northern coastal plains, you’ll soon discover that Albania is one of the most mountainous, beautiful and least-developed regions in Europe. A lack of asphalt roads means that there are still numerous villages that can’t be reached even by 4×4, where people live their lives much as their ancestors did centuries ago – and of course are delighted to receive the few western visitors who come their way. 

Most walkers head north to the Dinaric Alps – better known as the Accursed Mountains. Not just due to the cool name, but because the region is now well set up for visitors, with plenty of marked trails, guesthouses and information online. A trek through this region also allows you to tick off three countries in one go if you organise cross-border permits – Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. 

However, there is much, much more for the keen walker to discover than just the north of Albania. 

Many visitors are surprised to discover that the highest mountain range in the region (not just Albania, but Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro too) is actually to the east, in little-visited Dibër. Here you can scale Mt Korabi (2,764m) and also enjoy the luxury of being well away from the crowds who congregate on the famous northern villages of Theth and Valbona during summer. We think the walking’s easier on the knees here, too! 

We can arrange unique Albania walking holidays in not just the Accursed Mountains, but also Dibër, Shebenik-Jabllanice and Çermenika, Tomorri and Skrapar, Përmet and Zagoria, Voskopoja and (our new favourite) Nivica Canyon and the mountains of Kurvelesh. If these regions were anywhere else in the world, they’d be famous walking destinations. But as this is Albania, they’re just waiting to be discovered – hopefully by you.  

Read explorer and film maker Ashwin Bhardwaj’s piece on one of our Albania walking holidays for the Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

While asking for directions, we met a woman whose family had hidden a British soldier during the war. “It’s funny,” said her husband, “We were allies all that time ago. Then during the [Hoxha] regime we were enemies. Now we are friends again.”

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Albania Walking Tours – Group Departures 2019


Accursed Mountains Adventure

From €1,090.

Sunday 28 July to Monday 05 August 2019

Join our small group trekking adventure in north Albania and Kosovo. Over the course of a week we’ll walk from Theth all the way to Rugova Valley in Kosovo, before making our way back to Albania on the famous Lake Koman ferry. An incredible experience for sociable, experienced walkers.

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Endurance Vile Trail 2019

From €990

Max Group Size: 10

Sunday 02 to Wednesday 12 June 2019

A unique and challenging trek through the mountains of Çermenika and Shebenik-Jabllanice National Park in eastern Albania, following the route taken by a secret British World War II mission codenamed SPILLWAY as they were chased down by German forces. This is perhaps the wildest region of Albania so don’t expect luxury hotels – we’ll be camping out almost every night. The officers and men of SPILLWAY met a grisly fate – hopefully we’ll fare better!

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