Balkan Self Drive Tours

A car, a route & accommodation for independent tours of the western Balkans

We’re rebuilding the site for 2018, and a full Balkan self drive tour page will come shortly. But in the meantime…

We can arrange Balkan self drive tours, and can arrange delivery of a vehicle to one point, and drop-off at another. In fact we did just this for top-rated Dutch TV travel show 3 Op Reis in summer 2017, delivering a vehicle to presenter Geraldine Kemper in Sarajevo for a road trip through Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania.

We’ll provide a modern air-conditioned vehicle, route and printed road book, and hotel and guesthouse accommodation, and can book your place on Albania’s unmissable Lake Koman ferry (yes, there are car ferries running, despite what you may have read in guidebooks).

In Albania we are delighted to incorporate good dirt roads that can be driven by any competent driver on self drive tours, along with a vehicle with raised ground clearance (see below). If you have a sense of adventure, this will allow you to strike out for more remote areas. However, you’ll have to accept that not so many people speak English in small villages.

What we won’t do is provide one of our off-road adapted Land Rovers, or provide more challenging off-road routes in Albania for unaccompanied self drive tours. The risks to both you and our cars are simply too great as the roads and terrain will be beyond what even an experienced 4x4 driver is likely to have experienced. Roads can be extremely loose and slippery, with severe drops. Check out our own Henri Manushi (a three-time Rally Albania veteran) driving a section of Snake Pass on YouTube for an example. If you want to get really off the beaten track, we’ll provide a Land Rover with one of our drivers to accompany you (all speak fluent English).

For more information on our Albanian self drive tours, please visit this page.


For asphalt-only tours we recommend a car with at least a 1.6-litre engine, as the Balkans is an extremely mountainous region. If you want to explore inland Albania, a car such as a Skoda Yeti or Dacia Duster is ideal – 4x4 is definitely strongly recommended in winter. For the west of the country outside winter a normal road car is fine.

For adventurous clients wishing to explore rural Albania, we can provide a 2017 Lada 4x4, 1.7 petrol capable of going pretty much everywhere.

Where we can deliver and collect cars from:

Albania: Anywhere.

Bosnia: Mostar; Sarajevo.

Bulgaria: Sofia.

Croatia: Dubrovnik; Split.

Greece: Igoumenitsa; Ioannina; Thessaloniki.

Kosovo: Gjakova; Peja; Pristina; Prizren.

Macedonia: Ohrid; Skpoje; Tetovo.

Montenegro: Bar; Budva; Kotor; Podgorica; Tivat.

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