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Geraldine Kemper & 3 Op Reis in Kosovo

Geraldine Kemper's Balkan road trip for top-rated Dutch TV travel show 3 Op Reis continued this week into Kosovo. As well as providing a very handsome Land Rover Defender, we arranged for Geraldine and the crew to go zip-lining in Rugova valley, and also to tackle the...

Review: Daan Kuipers, November 2017

In summer 2017 we helped top-rated Dutch TV travel show 3 Op Reis put together a Western Balkan road trip, hosted by presenter Geraldine Kemper. Here producer Daan Kuipers offers his comments. If you prefer just to watch the show (in Dutch and English),...

Geraldine Kemper & 3 Op Reis in Bosnia

What seems like ages ago, way back in May, we got a phone call from a producer at top-rated Dutch TV travel show 3 Op Reis. Presenter Geraldine Kemper and a film crew were coming to the Balkans, he said, and needed some help. Of course, we said… The...

Drive Albania in the Press

  Since we first started our engines back in 2014, we've been lucky enough to get some great press coverage, and to help international journalists discover the hidden parts of Albania and the western Balkans. We figured it would be useful to keep all these Albania...

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