Geraldine Kemper & 3 Op Reis in Bosnia

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

What seems like ages ago, way back in May, we got a phone call from a producer at top-rated Dutch TV travel show 3 Op Reis. Presenter Geraldine Kemper and a film crew were coming to the Balkans, he said, and needed some help. Of course, we said…

The original plan was for the team to pick up a camper van in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and drive it down to Tirana. We helped put together a route and our very own Ardi Zhugjeli was due to join them when they reached Virpazar in southern Montenegro, on the shores of Lake Skadar. But then, a couple of days before Geraldine and the crew flew down to Bosnia, disaster struck – the camper van they were supposed to use had caught fire. They had no wheels.

We sprang into action and Ardi drove one of our cars, a Land Rover Defender, up from Tirana to Sarajevo in double-quick time. He then got a series of sweaty buses back down to Albania at which point our producer friend phoned to say they’d managed to break the key in the Defender’s ignition. Whoops. Poor Ardi then had to pick up the spare and get all the way back to Bosnia. He was not a happy bunny…

There’s not much driving in the first episode, which was filmed almost exclusively in Sarajevo, but we think the Defender is already shaping up to be the star of the series (with apologies to Geraldine Kemper). We look forward to it coming into its own in Albania, where the roads take a dive in quality after well-developed Montenegro and Kosovo.

You can watch episode one, filmed in Sarajevo, in glorious Technicolor at the 3 Op Reis website. It starts off in Dutch but later on mostly English is spoken. Episode two, focusing on Mostar and the Bosnian Dinaric Alps, can be viewed here.