In September 2016 Alan & Eleanor Fenn joined our 12-night Mountains to Sea off road Albania tour, an epic journey snaking its way from Theth in the Accursed Mountains of the far north, right down to Saranda in the deep south. Both Alan & Eleanor were a little concerned before the tour that it might be too much of an ‘adventure’ for them, but in the end they turned out to be two of our most ‘up-for-it’ clients and couldn’t be prised out of their Land Rover Defender! Read their comments here… 

“We knew very little about Albania and so were amazed at what a beautiful country it is. What made this tour really exciting were the of road mountain ‘roads’ which were expertly handled by our robust Land Rovers and drivers in conditions I couldn’t even walk on. The views were breathtaking and went on and on, north to south. We were also pleasantly surprised at the standard of hotels we were to stay in.

“We had lunch on two occasions with very welcoming families, both in extremely remote areas, with a lunch spread that no person could wade through. On a separate occasion our lunch break turned into a gastronomic experience in a country village restaurant that no less than Rick Stein had been to and recommended. Very memorable.

“We are glad we went this year as other tour operators seem to be just waking up to the beauty of Albania. However, unless they offer the same exciting off road Albania experience as Drive Albania it will be a poor relation. We loved the scenery most of all and the tour showed off Albania’s grandeur, which no other tour could achieve.

“We two are no spring chickens but thoroughly enjoyed the whole trip; there are insufficient superlatives to describe the experience.”

Alan & Eleanor Fenn, September 2016.