In October 2015 we were joined by Carole Lerway and her friend Richard, who took a tour from Theth to Saranda, via Kruja, Tirana, Berat and Gjirokastra. The weather was largely terrible, culminating in a huge storm for our final night on the coast, but Carole and Dick still managed to have a good time along the way. Read Carole’s review here… 

Albania is a wonderful country, totally unspoilt, which Ed and his staff introduce you to the minute you get into your Land Rover. The scenery on Day 1 of the tour took our breath away and as the days went on we grew to almost expect the lovely views from the window. Add to this the villages and small towns that welcome you, serving the freshest of food and providing wonderful standard accommodation and this was a holiday that will remain in the memory for many years to come.
On a personal note, one of the most refreshing aspects of the holiday was the total freedom from high street chain stores, international hotel groups and Western fast food restaurants. Everywhere we stayed was Albanian managed, everywhere we ate the food was fresh and, I’m pretty sure, was locally produced. So different from the vast majority of Europe.
It won’t stay like this for long. If you like holidays that show you something different, then book Drive Albania!
Carole Lerway, October 2015.