Review: Daan Kuipers, November 2017

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Albania Tour Reviews | 0 comments

In summer 2017 we helped top-rated Dutch TV travel show 3 Op Reis put together a Western Balkan road trip, hosted by presenter Geraldine Kemper. Here producer Daan Kuipers offers his comments.

If you prefer just to watch the show (in Dutch and English), catch episode one here, episode two here

“Drive Albania helped us prepare a grand, exciting and authentic roadtrip through the Western Balkans. They provided a great car, the greatest (!) driver, Ardi, and a lot of very handy information on the region.

“It was through their local expertise in Kosovo and Albania that we were able to see what the region really has to offer, and visit places you normally won’t be able to reach. Very off the beaten track, culturally engaging and personal. I would highly recommend anyone travelling to Kosovo and Albania to give Ed Reeves from Drive Albania a call!

“A great way to visit a great and underestimated region that will steal your heart.”

Daan Kuipers, Producer, 3 Op Reis, November 2017.