In May 2017 we ran our tours of north Albania and Kosovo and south Albania in quick succession. Joining us from the UK were Geoff and Lynn Teale. Here you can read their comments on the trip… 

“What a totally different experience! We went on this amazing adventure, not really knowing anything about Albania, and Ed and his team looked after us so well. Ardi, Nesti, Henri and Elona are incredibly passionate about their country and, not only do they want to show off all of the different landscapes that it has to offer, but they also want you to truly experience all aspects of Albanian life.

“Travelling through Albania you really do take a step back in time; the accommodation and food are excellent, the countryside and the people are very welcoming. This really is rural Europe – where else can you drive down a main road and have to give way to cattle crossing or avoid the odd tortoise ambling across?! Likewise, the evening traffic jam is caused by two shepherds herding 300 goats along the road!

“The people are lovely and want to know about you and why you are visiting their country, they are keen for you to take an interest in them and discuss life. We met a group of students who were travelling to Kosovo for a visit and they were excited that they could practise their (very good) English and find out about our country.

“The scenery in both the north and south of Albania is truly stunning. Whether it be driving through riverbeds or up in the mountains, there was always something new and inspiring to see. As for the unspoilt coastal area, we had a beautiful beach all to ourselves (at the end of May).

“This is not a relaxing drive around asphalt roads – you really do go off-roading and need to be prepared to dig in and help when occasionally needed.

“What a wonderful unspoilt country. This was one of the best holidays that we have ever had!”

Geoff & Lynn Teale, May 2017.