In May 2016 John Wallington and his wife Anne from London took one of our Land Rovers on a month-long journey covering the length and breadth of Albania. Here’s their review of the trip… 

“We recently spent a month, arranged by Ed of Drive Albania, driving around Albania in a Land Rover. We managed to reach some of the most spectacular places in the country – remote villages, alpine pastures and wild mountain scenery. This was only possible with the invaluable advice and support we received before and throughout the trip from Ed and his team.

“Some highlights of a trip which contained many…

“The kindness and helpfulness of the local people – like the taxi driver who turned his taxi, full of people, round, said ‘follow me’ and drove several kilometres back to show us the way to a remote church. The café owner in Librazhd who cut Anne a rose from his garden after she had admired the ones on the bar. It perfumed the car for the next two days.

“The incredibly beautiful scenery on the long climb from Arras up to Lura, with huge panoramas over the valley of the Drini river. Even in the rain, the landscape above Gjirokastra was spectacular, with fresh snow gleaming on the peaks.

“Suddenly finding wet meadows full of orchids at the side of the main highway from Tirana to Shkodër and the gentians at top of the pass on the way to Theth.

“The old churches with their frescoes and icons, often opened after someone ran off to find the key-holder who then came to open the church for us. The new cathedral at Korça and a small church at Zaroshka, both full of worshippers with their candles and the small of incense over the Orthodox Easter weekend.

“And the food – homemade butter, cheese and jam for breakfast – delicious. And wonderful roast lamb and goat in simple restaurants.”

John & Anne Wallington, May 2016.