In May 2017 we were joined by Kathi Wanjohi and her son Kai for a brief three-day tour starting and ending in Saranda. Here are Kathi’s comments on the trip. 

“Thank you very much for organising this trip – we enjoyed it very much, especially being driven right through the most amazing landscape. Interesting, sometimes unexpected sights popped up here and there such as sheep, ‘controlled’ by goats who in turn were controlled by dogs who were lead by human beings who blended in with the nature and their herds. Old men chatting away the lazy afternoons sat under picturesque trees next to little Orthodox roadside shrines or partisan monuments and mushroom-shaped bunkers. And the colours, especially the turquoise and blue of the Ionian sea, were striking.

“Kai especially enjoyed the homestay at Libohove, best sleep he had in days and the hosts were delighted that he wanted second helpings of their vegetable noodle soup. My personal favourite was the Blue Eye – the deep clear waters of vivid colours were mesmerising.

“Ardi’s kindness, patience and consideration for others make him an outstanding driver, not to mention that his English and German are excellent. He got along well with Kai who said he felt at ease and there were enough topics we had in common to talk about.”

Kathi & Kai Wanjohi, May 2017.