Ken Smith met us at the London Destinations Travel Show, where we had a modest stand, and originally booked our Mountains to Sea Albania 4×4 tour with a friend. Unfortunately, shortly before the tour was scheduled to run, the friend dropped out, leaving Ken with the decision as to whether to travel solo or cancel. In the end, being an adventurous type, he opted to travel solo. During his time in Albania he travelled from the far north right down to the southern-most tip of Albania, flying back to the UK from Corfu. 

This Albania 4×4 tour included Theth, Shkodër, Lake Koman, Tirana, Elbasan, Berat, Gjirokastra and the Albanian Riviera, not to mention a short detour into Kosovo for the lively towns of Prizren and Gjakova (our memory of the night in Prizren is dim, but we had the hangovers to prove we’d definitely been there). 

Along the way Ken met most of the Drive Albania 4×4 tour team, including the office dog, Bubi, and – it’s fair to say – had an immersive experience, down to a raki-fuelled afternoon with a particularly friendly family in the village of Shengjergj. Here are his comments on the tour… 

“Drive Albania – Ed, Ardi, Ani and Bubi – are there to give you an independent overland, geographical, historical, geopolitical, gastronomical and fun Albania 4×4 tour. From the moment you are welcomed at the airport, Drive Albania will take good care of you, whilst showing you as complete a picture of the country as is possible.

“Keep an open mind to everything Albanian and go with the flow. These guys know what they are doing so sit back in the Land Rover and enjoy the beauty of Albania and Kosovo.

“Albania’s nature, people, food and hotels surpassed my expectations – hey, I came back with both kidneys intact!

“PS – bring your drinking boots!”

Ken Smith, June 2016.