Mike Demenis travelled for an Albania military history tour with Alex Smyth and Jan Janiurek in May 2014, to follow in the footsteps of Alex’s father, who fought in Albania during World War II as part of a British Special Operations Executive mission. We took this group to some very remote spots, which entailed travelling on quite hairy roads at times (and usually in heavy rain – the weather was dreadful throughout). Here’s Mike’s review of his Albania military history tour by 4×4… 

“The trip we required was a very unique one with a complicated set of requirements. Drive Albania produced an incredibly bespoke itinerary having conducted vast research and reconnaissance ahead of time, just to make sure that our requirements and expectations could be met – and these were exceeded.

“We knew we’d asked for a lot and were partly expecting for not quite all of it to turn out to be possible in the time and situations we’d set out. Through experience, local knowledge and a huge amount of work in the preparations everything went perfectly for us. We set out to follow and experience a very specific part of the story, history and culture of the country, and this was covered so well there was time to delve into the culinary delights of Albania and the scenery.

“The dramatic and remote landscapes that 4×4 travel can take you through are spectacular. A tour by off-roader is definitely the way to experience such a rugged country – without four-wheel-drives our fondest memories of the trip would never have been possible. The remotest villages were beautiful and the charm, hospitality and eccentricity of some of the locals in these out-of-reach places will be memories that will never fade.”

Mike Demenis, May 2015. You can see photos from Mike’s tour at the Drive Albania Facebook page.