Our September 2015 “Mountains to Sea” tour was one of our longest Albania small group tours of the year, taking 10 days to travel from the far north to the far south. This review is by Myles Munsey, who came with his close friend Keith Jennings. 

Myles had travelled to Albania before on a short break to Tirana, so this time round was keen to strike out into the wilds and see the country properly. He did just that – during the trip we stayed in Theth, Shkodër, Prizren (Kosovo), Tirana, Elbasan, Berat, Gjirokastra and the Albanian Riviera. Myles writes… 

“I had been to Albania before but that was merely scratching the surface compared with what this tour had to offer. People don’t realise just how good Albania really is.

“Quite apart from the fact that the organisation was excellent, the tour represented all that is best about Albania, one of Europe’s last remaining ‘secrets’. You will experience stunning mountain and lake scenery, vibrant and historic towns, castles, warm and genuine hospitality deep from the heart in the homes of the charming Albanian people.

“The standard and variety of hotels way exceeded expectations and ample rest after a long day on the road was enjoyed throughout the trip assisted by a few glasses of raki!

“From the rustic delights of Theth in the northern highlands to the vibrant capital of Tirana and on to the beautiful towns of Elbasan, Berat and Gjirokaster – Albania has it all.

“The weather wasn’t bad either – I came home with a great tan and managed a couple of dips in the ocean on the final day.

“Ed and his team are to be congratulated on putting together a fabulous trip – one that will live long in the memory.”

Myles Munsey, November 2015.