At the tail-end of August 2017 we provided a car and driver for Patrica Tiller and her family, who flew to Skopje, Macedonia, from Dubai, and back home from Kotor, in the north of Montenegro. We designed a route that took them through Kosovo and northern Albania, using the famous Lake Koman ferry. Here are Patricia’s comments on the tour.

“My family (mum, dad and a two-year-old) recently toured with Drive Albania. We were picked up in Skopje and enjoyed a five-day tour from Macedonia, through Kosovo, to the city of Kotor in Montenegro.

“Our driver, Henri (or, as he came to be known, ‘The Amazing Henri’) was a real gem. He was professional, a good driver, and very accommodating and flexible (essential skills when travelling with a young child who doesn’t understanding the meaning of ‘Let’s leave the hotel at 8am sharp and then drive for two hours without stopping…’).

“We had a wonderful introduction to these three lovely countries, each of which could not have been more different – the food, the landscapes, the infrastructure, the economic disparity.

“Highlights of our trip included:

“Staying on a permanently moored ‘ship’ in Skopje (Hotel Senegallia), and waking up to the sounds of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra rehearing for a performance.

“The best coffee we’ve ever had in Europe (and we’ve been to over 35 European countries), from a little hotel in Kosovo (Çarshia e Jupave).

“Pristine coastline and a visit to the island of Our Lady of the Rocks in Kotor.

“A ‘discussion’ on extremists with the KFOR (NATO) guards at Decani Monastery (our daughter was born in the Middle East and this was apparently an issue…).

“All the welcoming locals we met!”

Patricia Tiller, September 2017.