Rob & Sylvia Johnstone joined us for June 2015’s small group offroad Albania tour, taking in Elbasan, Berat, Gjirokastra and the Albanian Riviera. You can read their impressions of the trip here… 

“Thank you for organising and conducting the recent tour of south Albania – it was a fabulous and delightful introduction to Albania, its people and their culture.

“We arrived in the middle of the worst thunder storm we have seen in a long time, however, the weather soon moderated and the sun shone. The experiences of the tour were really too numerous to mention individually, but one or two remain sharp in our memories – an evening on the beach with Ardi playing his violin, a wonderful lunch at a farm house, a drive through a gorge with amazing scenery, carrying a long trident on the gutter of the car past a couple of amazed policemen… and, of course, the thunderstorm on arrival at Tirana!

“Neither of us had been in a ‘real’ 4×4 before – let alone driven one – and I was staggered (the modern term is probably ‘gobsmacked’) by the abilities of the vehicles. We travelled over unmade roads, mountain stream beds and seemed to leap from rock to rock down a coastal path. Each bend in the road revealed a new vista (and/or a precipitous drop). These little-used tracks let us experience at first hand the generosity of the Albanian people, in their houses and village cafés. Before we left the UK we had no great expectations of the food and were genuinely surprised by the quality and quantity of the fare available – our waistbands are now significantly tighter than before. Each hotel had a charm of its own and all were comfortable.

“Even the best tour has the odd glitch – but when the odd ones occurred, Ed appeared unflappable, soon producing a solution and putting us at ease (a large lorry bearing down on us in the  pitch dark on a very narrow,  steep track on the way back from the beach springs to mind). Your two Albanian guides, both with excellent command of English, worked hard to look after us and share with us their knowledge of their people and their history.

“Thank you once again for making it happen!”

Rob & Sylvia Johnstone, June 2015.