Seasoned traveller Sarah Prior joined our September 2016 adventure tour of Albania on the recommendation of her sister Tessa, who travelled with us the previous May. She flew in direct from her home in Paris, France with low-cost airline Transavia, and back to Paris from Corfu at the end of the tour. Here are her comments… 

“When I told friends that I was planing to take my holidays in Albania firstly they hadn’t a clue where it is and secondly that it has a ‘bad’ reputation. They got it completely wrong – Albania is gorgeous and fascinating.

“I was picked up at Tirana and spent the first night in Shkodër. Next day my travelling companions arrived. Before setting off for the mountains we went to the new Marubi Photographic Museum, black and white and fascintaing and influenced by many of the great photograhers – not to be missed. Then all seven of us, three Land Rovers and our three drivers took off for Theth in the north. Mostly along beaten tracks, with frequent stops for coffee in cafés in the most unimaginable places.

“Twice we ate with local families. One place we were offered first of all cigarettes, then boiled sweets and then a wonderful meal. Every thing coming from the garden, including the chicken and lamb. We were overwhelmed by the generosity.

“Our three drivers – Ardi, Nestli and Henri drove very well on the difficult roads and helped us sightseeing and even buying carpets. The scenery is breathtaking and we were lucky enough to stay in small towns with good hotels. Ed organised the things to do, and see brilliantly, including several UNESCO cultural sites.

“We drove from north to south, had a short but very interesting visit to Kosovo, and then ended our voyage on the Ionian Sea opposite Corfu.

“Would I recommend it? Well, I plan to go back next year for some walking with owner Ed for another adventure tour of Albania in the east of the country!”

Sarah Prior, September 2016.