We’re catching up with our video diary series (rather belatedly). For the 11th instalment, Ed and Henri (and Bubi, the Drive Albania Office Dog) drive their trusty Land Rover Discovery from Tirana to Kurvelesh, using the scenic route.

Embarrassingly, we’ve never actually spent a night in one of our favourite destinations, Nivica Canyon, so this time we found a place to stay and put that right. Since the video was filmed, we’ve spent lots more nights there – the area’s just wonderful and there’s a cute little homestay too, right on the canyon’s edge.

Not so many tour companies offer Kurvelesh as a region, reason being the roads are terrible (you need a good 4×4 to get from village to village; a road car won’t make it). We now have it on most of our south Albania tour itineraries, as we think it’s an absolute highlight of the region. In 2019 we’ll be offering trekking tours there, too.

We apologise in advance for the wonky stickers on the side of the Land Rover. Sticker Guy was unavailable when we branded the car, meaning Henri had to do it. This usually goes badly – last time Henri applied the stickers he managed to lose a few letters, and our tagline “Europe’s Last Adventure” ended up as “Europe’s Slut Adventure”.    

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