Our 2020 schedule of cultural and adventure tours

About Our 2020 Albania Group Tours

Our previous Albania group tours have used 4×4 vehicles to access the more remote regions. However, we’re finding that many of our clients aren’t so happy with the bumps and sometimes spartan mountain accommodation! 

So for 2020, we’ve created different categories of Albania group tours, with different levels of comfort –

Cultural Discovery Tours

Guided Self-Drive Adventures

Wild 4×4 Adventures

Our Cultural Discovery Tours will use a minibus with driver and follow the asphalt roads. You’ll overnight at comfortable hotels in cultural centres such as Shkodër, Berat, Gjirokastra and so on. We’ll still provide the relaxed, informal and sociable experience for which we’re known, but these Albania group tours will be much less challenging than in previous years.    

Our Guided Self-Drive Adventures will travel on Albania’s extensive network of dirt tracks. We might overnight at more offbeat locations (sometimes basic, but always with private rooms and en suite facilities). And you’ll get to drive one of our Lada Niva 4x4s – though there will be three spaces in the guide’s vehicle for solo travellers and/or non-drivers who promise not to complain about the bumps.   

Our Wild 4×4 Adventures are designed for people who relish an adventure, and will overnight at much more basic accommodation (including with shared facilities). Wild camping will also be on the agenda. The routes these tours take will be much more challenging, and might require some impromtu road-building along the way. If you’re not prepared to get muddy and rough it at times, these tours certainly aren’t for you!

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Cultural Discovery Tours 2020

A focus on Albania’s history and culture. Travel by air-conditioned minivan on asphalt roads. Comfortable, centrally located hotels

South Albania Cultural Tour (09 Days)

€1,290 per person (approx £1,090) based on two sharing

Our route skips the more unattractive and over-developed cities such as Pogradec, Saranda and Vlorë, and instead dips into North Macedonia to the UNESCO World Heritage City of Ohrid, and includes a night in the peaceful village of Qeparo, on the Albanian Riviera. Read more…

Friday 24 April to Saturday 02 May 2020 
Friday 18 to Saturday 26 September 2020

North Albania & Kosovo Cultural Tour (08 Days)

€1,290 per person (approx £1,090) based on two sharing

A unique tour through the extraordinary landscapes of the Accursed Mountains of north Albania and southeastern Montenegro. We’ll continue into Kosovo, where we’ll stay in the charming historic cities of Gjakova and Prizren before returning to Albania on the famous Lake Koman ferry. Read more…

Sunday 03 to Sunday 10 May 2020
Sunday 27 September to Sunday 04 October 2020

North & South Albania Cultural Tour (17 Days)

€2,380 per person (approx GBP £1,990) based on two sharing

We’ve designed our Northern and Southern cultural tours so that they can be combined into one epic loop through Albania, Kosovo, Montengro and Macedonia. Read more…

Friday 24 April to Sunday 10 May 2020
Friday 18 September to Sunday 04 October 2020

Guided Self-Drive Adventures 2020

Drive an iconic Lada Niva 4×4 in a convoy through the mountains of Albania. A limited number of seats are available for non-drivers

South Albania Guided Self-Drive Adventure (07 Days)

From €990 (approx GBP £850) per person 

An Albania group tour for people who don’t much like group tours. Drive a Lada Niva 4×4 through south Albania in a convoy led by one of our team members. If you don’t want to drive, there are three seats available in the lead vehicle. Read more…

Sunday 31 May to Saturday 06 June 2020
Sunday 20 to Saturday 26 September 2020
Sunday 11 to Saturday 17 October 2020   


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