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Albania Self Drive

We design incredible road trips, either by 4×4 or road car.

Discover Albania For Yourself

Planning an Albania self-drive tour can be daunting. You’ll read horror stories online about the driving, and also the state of Albania’s roads. There’s not much we can do about the former (though it’s not really that bad, outside Tirana at least) but we can steer you towards the best roads, or the worst if you’re looking for a 4×4 adventure. 

The road network in Albania is improving every year, but there are still large areas of the country with no asphalt roads, and roads that appear to be major inter-city routes on Google Maps turn out to be little better than goat paths in reality. Away from the coastal lowlands between Vlorë and Shkodër you can pretty much assume every small rural road is unpaved. Every time we make a 4×4 tour we encounter tourists in hired sedan cars attempting the impossible (usually around Berat). We do of course tell them to turn back, but you know how people are… They just won’t be told…

Don’t be like them! If you book a planned Albania self drive tour with us, we’ll create a route for you from scratch, designed around your interests and driving experience, and you won’t go through the misery of crawling along a dirt road for three hours, then having to stop and go back the way you came. 

As well as planning your route, we provide road books and local recommendations. So you’ll sleep at the best places, eat the best food, drink the best raki, and enjoy the best hospitality. 

Albania Self-Drive - Off Road

For confident drivers in search of an adventure. We can create bespoke off-road self-drive tours through Albania & Kosovo, using mountain tracks that are completely inaccessible for normal cars. Accommodation can be in comfortable hotels or village guest houses – or even wild camping. We have a small number of new Lada Niva 4×4 cars, each with air-conditioning, and provide road books and 24-hour support. Read more.

Albania Self-Drive - Road

If you want to take an Albania self-drive tour but want to stick to asphalt roads, we can design the perfect route for you. Albania is changing rapidly as its infrastructure improves, and road conditions can change overnight – what might be impassable for a road car one month might be perfect asphalt the next. Tap into our expertise and unparalleled knowledge of Albania’s road network to make the most of your time here. Read more. 

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