Albania, Kosovo & Montenegro Self Drive Tour

Our unique 09-day North Albania & Kosovo Self Drive tour combines spectacular mountain scenery with the region’s cultural highlights

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Based on 04 travellers sharing 02 Double 0r Twin rooms.

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Albania, Kosovo & Montenegro Self Drive Tour Highlights

Spend two nights in historic Kotor • Cruise through the Albanian Alps on the Lake Koman ferry • Swim in the clear waters of Lake Skadar • Visit the extraordinary Serbian Orthodox monastery of Visoki Dečani • Hike the Accursed Mountains • Spend a night at restaurant-with-rooms Mrizi i Zanave • Walk the ramparts of Rozafa Castle in Shkodër • Enjoy a beer in Gjakova’s lively bazaar • Explore Prizren’s Ottoman backstreets • Drive the spectacular roads of Dibër region

Albania, Kosovo & Montenegro Self Drive Tour in Brief

This perfectly paced 12-day road trip takes you three different Balkan countries, and includes two-night stays in both Kotor and Vusanje, Montenegro.

The route includes key cultural cities and sites, as well as quite extraordinary scenery. We’ve designed it so you use the most beautiful rural back roads, rather than ugly highways. It also includes the famous Lake Koman ferry journey – definitely the most civilised way to link Kosovo with western Albania. 

Our Albania, Kosovo & Montenegro Self Drive Tour can of course be adapted. For instance, if hiking isn’t for you, we can drop a night in Vusanje and give you more time elsewhere, or add a beach stop.


The Drive Albania Difference

We live and work in Albania, and are travelling the western Balkan region constantly. Our tours are designed with the latest on-the-ground knowledge, and combine the most interesting destinations with the most beautiful routes.

Our itineraries are designed to have realistic drive times – we don’t think anyone wants to spend all day in a car. This allows you to travel at a relaxed pace, and where possible we avoid over-developed towns and cities and instead focus on more traditional spots.

If given advance notice, we can arrange local guides along the way for you, as well as any activities the area you’re passing through has to offer, whether that be wine-tasting, zip-lining, horse riding or even a boat trip. 

Albania, Kosovo & Montenegro Self Drive Tour – Overnights

This 12-day tour includes two-night stays in Kotor, and the Accursed Mountains


This region in northeastern Albania has always been cut off from the rest of the country, due to poor road connections. All this changes in 2021, though, with the opening of the new Rruga Arberit road. Get there before everything changes! You can stay in a comfortable hotel in the regional capital, Peshkopi, or if you prefer in a simple village guesthouse (there are several to choose from). Be aware, Dibër is home to the region's highest peak, Mt Korabi (2,764m). The climb is not technical and can be undertaken by anyone with good fitness.


This sleepy village on a backroad between Shkodër and Lezhë is home to the acclaimed restaurant-with-rooms Mrizi i Zanave. Chef Altin Prenga has created something very special here. All the produce sold in the restaurant is grown locally - Altin reckons he's providing a livelihood for about 700 families in the area. A stay here is a highlight of any tour of northern Albania but please be aware, there are very few rooms, so availability can be an issue.


Gjakova competes with Prizren for the title of most charming Kosovar city. It's had a turbulent time over the past decades (it suffered hugely during the conflict of the late 1990s), but has bounced back and exudes youthful energy. We strongly recommend taking a tour with a local guide to gain some insight into Gjakova's history, but you can of course wander its Ottoman streets independently. Be sure to take a beer in the bazaar - after evening call-to-prayer it fills up with spectacularly beautiful young people (it must be something in the water).


Kotor is undoubtedly the jewel in Montenegro's crown. This "mini-Dubrovnik", with its impressive fortifications, used to guard the trade routes inland into the mountains of Montenegro. Now its perfectly preserved Old Town is a Balkan tourism hub, so do expect it to be extremely busy in high season. Even when it's at its most crowded it's still a magical place. 

If you prefer a quieter experience, consider sleeping instead at the village of Perast a little further north of Kotor. 


Kruja has an extraordinary history - it was here that Albania's national hero, Skanderbeg, launched his rebellion against the Ottoman Turks. His memory is commemorated in a rather strange museum in the castle walls, but Kruja's main draw is its charming little bazaar, which is the best shopping opportunity in Albania. In the evening, be sure to dine on the terrace of Hotel Panorama's excellent restaurant - the views across to the Adriatic Sea are incredible.


Prizren is undoubtedly one of our all-time favourite Balkan cities (we spend a lot of time here!). It's a lively little place, particularly in summertime when the Kosovar diaspora returns home. Be sure to make the (steep) climb up to the fortress overlooking the city in time for evening call-to-prayer.


The ancient city of Shkodër has been fought over for millennia, and in the 1400s was even graced with the presence of Sultan Mehmet II, conquerer of Constantinople (a few hundred soldiers in Rozafa Castle managed to hold him off). Today it's a bustling city, with a charming Italianate centre and, of course, the remains of the fortress that broke Mehmet's heart. Be sure to visit the fascinating Marubi Photographic Museum, and the Venice Art Mask Factory, which produces masks for the Venice Biennale.


Virpazar is, we think, an absolute must on any road trip through the region. This little village, perched on the edge of Lake Skadar, provides a truly relaxing experience. Be sure to take a kayak or boat trip on the lake, ideally early in the morning to catch the best bird life. And remember, too, that you're in wine country - many of Montenegro's finest wineries can be found here. 


Most hikers who visit Montenegro make a beeline for Durmitor National Park in the north - they're missing out. Vusanje sits in the foothills of the Dinaric Alp range (better known as the "Accursed Mountains"), and offers sublime hiking opportunities. It also has a charming, world's end feel to it - it's not a place people pass through accidentally. 

Albania, Kosovo & Montenegro Self Drive Tour Information & Prices

We provide the specific itinerary for our North Albana & Kosovo Self Drive Tour on payment of the deposit. Detailed route information is provided once the balance is paid in full.

Sadly in the past we became a free route-planning service for clients who would tap into our expertise, then book everything independently. The most egregious example being a group for whom we created a three-week trip from Tirana to Sarajevo using obscure village roads that they would never have learnt about from online research. 

Thank you for your understanding!

Spring & Autum (April – 15 June + 15 September – 31 October)
02 travellers sharing a Double or Twin room – £829.50 per person
02 travellers in 02 Single rooms – £990 per person
03 travellers in 01 Double or Twin + 01 Single room – £712 per person
03 travellers in 03 Single rooms – £828 per person
04 travellers in 02 Double or Twin rooms – £566 per person
04 travellers in 04 Single rooms – £740 per person

Summer (16 June – 14 September)
02 travellers sharing a Double or Twin room – £934 per person
02 travellers in 02 Single rooms – £1,145 per person
03 travellers in 01 Double or Twin + 01 Single room – £781 per person
03 travellers in 03 Single rooms – £948 per person
04 travellers in 02 Double or Twin rooms – £637 per person
04 travellers in 04 Single rooms – £849 per person

VW Golf-style car with full insurance
Accommodation as indicated
Route planning with road books
All breakfasts; picnic lunch and 02 evening meals at Vusanje
Lake Koman ferry

Personal expenses
Personal travel insurance
Museum & attraction entrance tickets
Local guides

Our North Albania & Kosovo Self Drive Tour to run from mid April through to early October. The limiting factor is the Lake Koman car ferry, which doesn’t run during the winter months.

Our North Albania & Kosovo Self Drive Tour can of course be customised. If you wish to climb Mt Korabi, we can factor in two nights in Dibër. If for some reason you prefer to visit Valbona rather than Rugova, that’s no problem (but we wouldn’t recommend Valbona over Rugova). Theth may be reachable by road car in 2021, depending on the progress made on the ill-conceived road currently being built.

We’ve priced this tour around standard 3* hotels –

Dibër – Hotel Korabi Peshkopi or village guesthouse
Fishtë – Mrizi i Zanave
Gjakova – Hotel Çarshia e Jupave
Kotor – Hotel Marija
Kruja – Hotel Panoroma
Prizren – Hotel Centrum
Shkodër – Hotel Tradita
Virpazar – Hotel Pelikan
Vusanje – Moonlight Guesthouse

We’re sure we’ll get around to writing this one day, but in the meantime please read our A-Z Albania Travel Guide for insights into what it’s like to travel here. 

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Doesn't Hit The Spot?

If our Albania, Kosovo & Montenegro Self Drive Tour isn’t quite what you’re looking for, don’t worry. We can customise it around your interests. So if you want some beach time, hiking, or more cultural exploration, just let us know and we’ll put together something that works for you.

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